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5 Signs it’s Time to Replace your Windows

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Maybe you are in the middle of a home renovation project (or thinking about starting one soon.) Perhaps, you are already planning on having new siding installed on your house. Or, it may be simply that you’ve noticed some problems with your old windows lately and are wondering if it’s time to replace them.

Windows are a critical component of every building, standing as they do at the interface of the outdoors and indoors. They typically last from 20 to 40 years, depending on their quality, type, and location – but eventually, they need to be replaced. Here are the top 5 signs that it may be time.

1. Visible Damage And/or Leaks

One sign it may be time for new windows is obvious, visible damage. Windows can chip, crack, permanently stain, rot (if wood windows), and leak.

You may have noticed such damage to some or all of your windows and realize it would be almost impossible to fix it short of full replacement. And, in fact, it could cost almost as much to repair as to replace windows that are very badly damaged.

2. Drafts & Poor Energy Efficiency

Another sign you need better windows is when you always seem to feel a draft in the house and never seem able to get warm enough when the heat is on or cool enough when the AC is running.

This is directly connected, of course, to abnormal spikes in your electric and/or natural gas bill. And newer, more energy-efficient makes and models of windows can save you money month after month.

3. Opening And Closing Your Windows Is Difficult

Windows that are too tough to open/close become a problem instead of a solution. You want fresh air in your home, but not the rain. You want to be able to securely lock up your windows at night or when away without a struggle. Full functionality and ease of use is a must.

Also, if your windows “drop” suddenly down instead of sliding up/down normally, that’s a sign replacement is the answer. You shouldn’t have to worry about dropping windows and shattering glass or use a stick to prop them open.

4. The Noise Keeps Getting Through

Many modern windows are able to reduce noise levels greatly, but if your windows are poorly sealed or use badly outdated glass, just about all of the outside noise may be getting through.

Noise-reducing, dual-insulated-glass windows can quiet things down fast! Talk to a pro about finding the “quietest” window on the market.

5. Your Home is Lacking Curb Appeal

Sharp-looking windows can greatly boost a home’s overall curb appeal. They can highlight your siding color and can be a big selling point if you are planning on listing your home soon.

If, however, the window paint is faded and the style is all too outdated, your windows may have become an eyesore instead. Replacing them with elegant, “snappy” new windows installed by an experienced contractor may be the answer!

If you are considering having new windows installed on your home or commercial property, do not hesitate to contact Double J Siding & Windows in Amarillo, Texas, today! We can give you a free consultation and a free, no-obligation quote.

Boost Your House’s Curb Appeal with New Custom Doors & Gutters

By Doors, Gutters
Whether you’re getting ready to put your home up for sale or are planning to stay where you are and are just ready for a new look, Double J Siding & Windows has some great ideas on how to boost your home’s curb appeal. While, as our name suggests, our main focus is on residential windows and siding, which are definitely two ways you can increase your home’s curb appeal, other, less expensive fixes that can also have a huge impact include new doors and gutters.

Custom Doors Make a Statement

When selecting doors to fit your particular style, you have lots of options, since doors come in so many styles. To name just a few, you may choose:
  • Solid doors (hollow, solid or solid coreDoors with glass
  • French double doors
  • Doors with sidelights
  • Wooden doors
  • Fiberglass doors
  • Metal doors
  • Patio doors
  • Storm doors and more
Not only do you have options regarding door styles, but you can also choose from a variety of door colors. Another decision to make is whether you want an unprotected door or you want to add a small roof or an awning to protect the door and those using it from the weather.
Your home’s front entry door is a main focal point for anyone looking at your home and is also a factor in its energy efficiency and security. Just about any door you install on your home can be added to with a second door such as a:
  • Storm door
  • Screen door
  • Security door
One other decision when adding a new door to your home is deciding on the “handedness,” which means whether it swings open to the left or to the right. All of these decisions can be made with the help of a trusted home repair company such as Double J Siding & Windows. In business since 2001, we’re licensed, bonded and insured and carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You won’t find a more capable partner in helping to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Gutters May Be More Important Than You Think

Often, gutters are overlooked by homeowners. It may be that the old adage, “out of sight, out of mind” applies here which can, unfortunately, cause a host of problems. Gutters require regular maintenance in order to efficiently serve their function, which is to divert water away from the structure.
If a home has no gutters or has improperly functioning gutters, damage can be caused to your siding, windows, doors, landscaping and your home’s foundation. You may also experience water seeping into the basement area. The reason gutters most often do not do their job properly is because they haven’t been correctly maintained. They may be clogged with leaves, pine needles, grit from roof shingles or a variety of other debris.
They may have holes, gaps, be pulled away from the house or not be pitched properly toward functioning downspouts. Having gutters in this condition is almost like having no gutters at all. A new, professional gutter installation can fix all these problems, plus provide your home with a heightened curb appeal.

Form and Function

While new gutters and custom doors in Amarillo will help protect the value of your home, they will also add to its value and its curb appeal. Selecting just the right style and color for your doors and the color of your gutters can work well together to help make your home picture perfect. At Double J, our team of experienced professionals can provide you with recommendations to suit both your taste and your pocketbook. Contact us today at (806) 674-1109 for your free, in-home estimate.

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5 Tips for finding Replacement Windows

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Replacement windows amarillo
Perhaps, your old windows were damaged in a storm, are falling short of the mark on energy efficiency, or are just beginning to show their age? You’ve decided that it’s time for replacement windows but aren’t sure which ones to invest in yet or who to call on for installation.

Here are 5 key tips to take into account in your search for the best replacement windows for your home:

1. Look For Efficiency

In Amarillo, there are usually extreme daily temperature fluctuations, and seasonal differences can also be stark. Thus, your windows need to be able to consistently keep in the cool or the heat, as the situation demands. This calls for replacement windows with high energy ratings.

Specifically, look for low U-factors, which indicate relatively little heat loss through the window. A U-factor .15 is about the lowest, while some windows range as high as 1.20. Also, look for a low SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient), which indicates the window’s ability to block heat from entering your home – SHGC scores vary between 0 and 1.
Replacement windows amarillo

replacement windows amarillo texas

And of course, the Energy Star label will indicate an all-around energy efficient window.

2. Demand A Sturdy Build

It is possible, of course, to have a highly energy-efficient window that is, nonetheless, flimsy and easily damaged – not what you want! Welded and multi-chambered windows are particularly sturdy in build, and you need a strong material that is “smartly” fastened together.

Using the right contractor is also important when it comes to window sturdiness because it’s up to the installer to reinforce the sash, put the window in level and plumb, and use the proper types of screws, nails, and other fasteners.

3. Think About Impact Resistance

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the storms! In the Amarillo area, impact-resistant windows make perfect sense.

UPVC (unplasticized PVC), for example, is much more impact-resistant than ordinary PVC. Wood can cope with impacts well, but wood requires periodic sanding and repainting. Choosing high impact-resistant vinyl with a woodgrain look is a low-maintenance alternative.

4. Consider Fade-resistant Colors

Years in the hot Texas sun may result in fading of certain windows’ finish. But there are fade-resistant colors, paints, and materials used on modern windows that can stand up to even the most extreme heat and sun over long periods of time without significant fading.

Fitting your window color and style into the rest of your home’s exterior doesn’t have to mean accepting fading. Ask a local window expert for help in choosing a fade-resistant window!

5. Use A Local, Reputable Contractor

No one likes wandering helplessly through the aisles of a big-box window store, bewildered by the abundance of choices but not feeling adequately helped by the attendee’s advice. What you really want is the advice of an expert who works with windows every day and who can deliver your new windows direct to your home and expertly install them!

In small towns like Amarillo, local reputation means everything – and it gets around fast by word of mouth. Look for a local contractor who can guide you through the window-selection process, remove and dispose of your old windows, custom-install your replacement windows, and keep it punctual and professional throughout the process.

In and around Amarillo, Texas, Double J Siding & Windows is your go-to window installation expert. Contact us today for answers to all your questions about modern windows or for a free, no-obligation quote. Feel free to discuss with us your replacement window needs, as we offer you a variety of effective, efficient solutions!

Vinyl or Steel Siding: Which Is Best For Your Home?

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Siding in Amarillo, Texas

Comparing Steel To Vinyl


The very first layer of defense for your home’s exterior walls is of major importance when you’re talking about protecting your home’s value and curb appeal for in the long-term. While there are many options, we’ll look at just two here below: vinyl siding versus steel siding.

Both vinyl and steel have their pros and cons – and more pros than cons. But these two materials differ enough that one or the other may be a better match depending on the particular person or property involved.

When comparing and contrasting steel siding versus vinyl siding, you have to take the two materials category by category to get the full picture.


  1. Strength & Durability

Steel siding has the edge when it comes to strength and durability. Vinyl siding can last from 20 to 40 years, varying based on the thickness of the vinyl material, sun exposure, and impacts from wind storms and other weather events. But steel can last practically forever.

Steel won’t fade or get nicks, dings, and cracks in it. It is strong enough to withstand even severe winds. But you can also get higher quality vinyl that is fade-resistant and less likely to crack in a storm.


  1. Versatility Of Style

Vinyl is the most versatile of all siding materials these days. It offers the widest array of colors and surface patterning and styles. That’s not to say you can’t find a steel siding in a style and color that will match your home’s exterior decor, because you probably can.

But there are literally dozens and dozens of vinyl styles to choose from, while other types of siding tend to have fewer options. However, steel can be painted, while with vinyl, you can’t change the color later on without re-siding the house.


  1. Fire & Hail Resistance

Steel doesn’t burn. It’s as simple as that. Vinyl does. Thus, if fire resistance is your concern, steel is the number one option available. Also, it is resistant to hail impacts, which is not true of aluminum siding nor or vinyl.

Thus, it’s not just in the realm of wind resistance that steel scores higher than virtually any other option. It’s just “tough.”

siding amarillo texas


  1. Installation Cost

Here’s where vinyl scores the highest. It is practically the lowest-cost option available in the siding market. That’s why it is also the most popular siding material in the whole US and has been for decades.

Of course, maintenance costs will be higher a bit with vinyl, and steel will last longer. Plus, steel adds more value to your home. Vinyl is pretty standard and a good investment. Steel costs more, but you get more too. It’s a trade-off.


  1. Environmental Friendliness

If you are concerned about the environment, your choice of siding can be one way to make a practical difference. Steel is more friendly to the environment in that it lasts longer and is easier to recycle. And as its material is much more valuable, you can be sure it WILL be recycled at some point – it’s not just going to stay a hypothetical possibility.

However, vinyl offers more insulation protection for your home, which can help lower your energy usage and bills to a degree. Thus, both materials have some benefits environmentally.

To learn more about how to decide between vinyl and steel siding in Amarillo, feel free to contact Double J Siding & Windows in Amarillo, Texas. We can answer all your siding-related questions and give you a free, no-obligation estimate today!

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How to Prevent Exterior Storm Damage to Your Home

By Storm Damage

In places like Amarillo, where wind storms (and even tornados) are common and severe, it’s particularly important to do everything possible to protect your home from preventable storm and hail damage. You can’t control the weather, but you can toughen up your exterior so the next storm does less damage or none at all.

1. Have Your Roofing Inspected

As roofs age, it’s inevitable that wind, rain, snow, and hail damage will become its enemies and gradually work to produce roofing weaknesses. You should consider having an annual roof inspection done. This will help to ensure loose shingles, cracked caulk and roof sealants, out of place flashing, and other issues are corrected early.

A major inspection of your roof should be done every 5 to 10 years, as well. Many times, roof damage, leaks, and expensive interior damage could have been largely prevented by making smaller repairs months or years earlier.

2. Install Tougher Siding

A higher-grade vinyl or even steel siding will stand up much better in the midst of a fierce wind storm. Torn off siding panels and panels that have been cracked, split, or mangled are often the ugly sights you see in the aftermath of a major storm.

Steel siding is going to stand the test of almost any storm. And even using denser, tougher vinyl may prevent or reduce damage in moderate to mild level wind storms.

3. Install Impact-Resistant Windows

Broken glass is both dangerous and expensive, and it lets in the wind and rain, resulting in further damage to your home. You can expect that fast-moving objects smacking your exterior windows are a likely occurrence during a storm. Therefore, it only makes sense to invest in impact-rated windows.

Older windows tend to be more prone to leakage during a sideways rain. They are also more likely to crack or break even from relatively low air pressure changes and impacts. Modern windows can survive unscathed and continue to protect your family and your home’s interior where outdated windows would fail.

4. Remove All Dangers From Trees

In the North Texas Panhandle, we value every tree we can get on our property, but location, location, location! If tree branches lurch over your roof or near to your building’s exterior walls, that’s asking for storm damage. Better to trim those branches back.

Deadwood trees should be completely removed because they can fall completely down or get picked up by savage winds. They may end up in your window or smashed half inside your roof in a big storm if not cut down and removed before one hits.

5. Secure Loose Items Outside

When you know a storm is on the way, one of the best ways to prevent damage to your home’s exterior is to secure or put in temporary storage all objects high winds might be apt to slam against your house.

Outdoor chairs, picnic tables, grills, and yard decorations should be stored in the garage or in a shed. Toys and “junk” lying around in the yard needs to be picked up. Anything that can’t be moved should be tied or chained down if at all possible.

6. Correct Drainage Problems

Water damage to a home during a sudden downpour is often due to improper drainage. Gutters and downspouts need to be cleaned. A clogged up gutter system will cause water to back up under the shingles on your roof’s eave, which could lead to a leak. You also need to ensure water doesn’t sit by or pour past your home’s foundation.

For new windows and siding needs, contact Double J Siding & Windows in Amarillo, TX.