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The Importance of Gutters on your Home

By Gutters

Your gutters are often the most underrated area of your home, yet are one of the most hardworking. They effectively divert water away from your roof and direct it away from the house and prevent a host of structural damages.


By channeling water through your downspouts, water is prevented from pooling around your basement, damaging your foundation, and eventually weakening everything that supports your home’s structure.

Other areas of your property that are protected from damage include:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Siding
  • Landscaping


While your gutters are an ongoing support system, they tend to fade into the background until something goes wrong. Often times they become clogged with debris such as:

  • Leaves
  • Small tree branches
  • Berries
  • Grit from shingles
  • Pine needles
  • Birds’ nests

These blockages can lead to water buildup and freezing up in the winter. This can also happen when snow freezes before it can melt, although this situation is more apt to happen in areas that have a longer, snowier winter season.

When they become clogged, the extra weight places enough strain on them that can lead to gaps, holes, or a pulling away from their original placement.


Regular cleaning helps prevent blockage with debris and allows you to inspect them for any possible structural damage. Proper inspection and maintenance can also save you quite a bit of money by preventing future costly repairs.

It is generally recommended that cleaning be done twice a year, once in the spring and once again in the fall. Depending on any extreme weather during any particular season, you may have to check on them a little more frequently. Here are some exceptions to consider:

  • An exceedingly dry season – If you have had little precipitation and heavy winds, your gutters are less likely to have accumulated as much debris or sustained any damage. It’s still important to inspect them, but you may not have to clean them as often.
  • An increase in wildlife activity – If some of the trees you have planted have grown taller or if you have seen evidence of a growing wildlife population, you may need to do more inspections. Three or four times per year may be necessary to keep out tree debris, birds, and even insects from accumulating.


This can be dangerous without the correct knowledge, tools, skills, and experience, and it is recommended that you leave this task to the professionals.

If you choose to go ahead with it yourself, be sure that you are in good health and have someone there to assist you. Avoid loose-fitting clothing that can catch on any protruding edges or pants that are too long and create a tripping hazard. Always wear shoes with good traction, safety goggles, a dust mask, and work gloves. Use a trowel, in addition to wearing gloves, when scooping out debris to minimize your risk of injury.

All of your home’s components and features should be working together to protect it from wet weather, decrease energy loss, and increase curbside appeal. The experts at Double J Siding and Windows are second to none when it comes to installing seamless gutters, along with siding, doors, and windows, and they understand how all of these things work together to protect the integrity of your home’s structure. Contact them today to discuss your home’s needs.

replacement windows

A Guide to the Anatomy of a Replacement Window

By Windows

A Guide to the Anatomy of a Replacement Window

So you purchased your first house and while the redecorating has been fun, replacing those outdated windows is a little more than you bargained for. You don’t want to overspend, but you don’t want to cut corners either. It’s important to weigh your options carefully.


There are a wealth of options out there and an equal number of considerations to go with them. Do you want energy-efficient windows? What type of materials are heat and weather-resistant? And what about style? While you want your new windows to be aesthetically pleasing, you likely also have certain criteria in mind, such as choosing a replacement window type that’s easier to clean or how much fresh air will circulate when you open them.


While considering your options, it’s equally important to know what to avoid when choosing an installer. Here are some common mistakes to steer clear of:


Much like our skeleton supports our bodies, the anatomy of a replacement window begins with its frame. Your choice of frame should be guided by the experience of a professional installer who is familiar with the local climate and can make the appropriate recommendations.

  • Vinyl – This frame is a practical choice as it is both cost effective and energy efficient. Tight construction prevents air leakage, and the use of insulated glass makes this a good choice for the needs of the West Texas homeowner.
  • Wood – Traditional wood frames still offer the best insulation, and some homeowners find them more attractive, but it is important to note that they do require more upkeep.
  • Aluminum – While strong, secure, and long-lasting, they are not as effective against heat transfer and loss as their vinyl counterparts. They are also more expensive than vinyl.


The professionals at Double J Siding and Windows use double-paned, argon-filled glass, protecting your home’s interior from UV rays. They are also energy-efficient windows, keeping the heat of the summer sun at bay and preventing heat loss during the colder months.

We use Wincore windows and offer custom shapes and sizes to fit just about any unique situation. Our experienced installers will offer you recommendations to fit the scope of your structural needs and style of your home.

Call the professionals at Double J Siding and Windows in Amarillo TX, to boost your home’s curb appeal and make your windows last for years to come.

window replacement

How to Choose Windows to Match Your Home’s Style

By Windows

New Windows Are Eventually Necessary

There are a lot of reasons to explore replacement windows. They affect curb appeal, which increases property value. Additionally, they last much longer if installed properly. Many windows often come with an associated warranty, because of ever-changing housing trends, new style options become available all the time. If you’re considering the installation of replacement windows somewhere on your property, there are options worth exploring:

The Role Of Style

Style and decor preference should help guide you in choosing replacement windows, but there are limitations to consider. Exterior coloration may differ from interior coloration. Some styles require bright colors, and this will most likely have something to do with the overall decor of your home. If you’re in a brick-style home, some styles will be more complimentary than others.

In 2021, balcony-style windows are popular, but the cost of that sort of window replacement solution could be a bit high. Part of your style choice will have to do with things like budget, and what sort of options fit your home or neighborhood. Here’s a link with some modern trends to explore.

Recent trends include bamboo shades around windows designed for restrooms, sleek professional veneers for offices, long and narrow stairway window design, corner options, and many more.

Color, Size, And Involved Panes

When you’re in the market for replacement windows, associated coloration will be a big concern. If you’ve got a red brick house and the cheapest windows you can find have green frames, that might not have a very pleasing appeal. While most windows have colorless panes, some don’t. There are also stained glass options to consider – which can actually occasionally be a good style move, depending on your preferences.

Regardless of what you decide on color, the size of your new windows has to fit into the frame you already have installed in the house. The replacement process may involve the removal of siding on your home, and that could be a little intensive.

While there may be a certain amount of variance in size that you can play with, generally, the more you change, the longer the job will take, the more complicated it will be, and the more expensive it will become. So if you switch things up here, be prepared for a more involved process.

Panes are also important. Windows with multiple panes tend to maintain environmental stability in a home and be sturdier. Cheaper windows may not be double-paned and could be very easy to break. Cheap windows become brittle and frail after a long time; it’s usually best to go with qualitative options.

Materials Associated With Frames

The framing of replacement windows may differ. Some frames have more temperature conductivity than others. There are situations where panes can simply be replaced, but if you’ve got to put in a new frame, as mentioned earlier, that may well involve the siding which rests over it on the exterior of your house. That can get complicated fast; so know whether you’re just replacing windows, or the whole frame has to go.

Avoiding Common Window Replacement Mistakes

Asking questions is exceptionally wise here. If you don’t ask about installation, you won’t know if frames need replacing, or just the windows. So definitely, ask about details of installation; professionals may well need to come out and look at what you’re replacing to determine just what’s necessary.

Sometimes you want to go with replacement windows of the same type, sometimes you’re missing a trick if you do that. Technology keeps marching on, and the way glass is treated can impact how sunlight comes into the home, and how cost-effectively you can control that.

So buying based on the cheapest options isn’t always the wisest move. Often you spend less in the short run but pay more in the long run because you either have to replace the windows again, or they have a notable impact on the property’s internal environment.

Getting More Potential Value When Replacing Your Windows

Window replacement through Double J Siding & Windows in Amarillo Texas involves a process that helps homeowners avoid common replacement mistakes, assures framing is done in a way that’s structurally integral, and helps you choose sizes, colors, or frames that best reflect your property. Contact us to learn more about replacing your windows, and how to do so in the most profitable way over the long term.

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How to Properly Care for and Maintain Your Replacement Windows

By Windows No Comments

You finally got your new replacement windows installed! And the last thing you want is for your brand new windows to wear out before their time, to look less than their best, to fail to live up to their full energy-saving potential or to spring a leak.

Read on to find out the most important tips for maintaining and cleaning your replacement windows so you will get the most out of them for their full lifespan!

1. Be Familiar With Your Replacement Windows – Use Them Properly

You’d be surprised how many times someone who has just installed new windows in their home has failed to operate them properly. This can shorten the lifespan of the window, and potentially damage it and cause other problems.

Be sure to talk to your window installation experts and have them demonstrate the exact way to open, shut, lock, unlock, etc. your new windows. Every brand and style of windows seem to be a little different these days, so it’s nothing to be embarrassed about to ask for a demo.

Be sure everyone in the family knows how to operate the windows optimally. And you can always check online for a demo video later on if you need to as well.

2. Periodically Lubricate Your New Windows For Optimal Performance

Occasionally, you should lubricate your new replacement windows so they will move as needed with the greatest of ease. You chose your window type carefully and you want them to do all they should without rubbing, lagging, or getting temporarily stuck.

Find out which type of window lubrication is best to use with your new windows. Ask your installation expert, the manufacturer, or a knowledgeable person at a hardware store to find out.

Always thoroughly clean window hardware and remove dirt/debris before lubricating. You only need a little lubricant typically, and you normally use silicone and NOT a petroleum-based product.

3. Take Time To Clean Out The Window Track – It Makes A Big Difference!

Aside from lubrication and proper use, you need to keep the tracks clean for your new windows to work optimally.

When dirt and debris build up in the tracks, performance suffers, extra stress is put on the window, and the window may not last as long as it could with a little maintenance.

You can use a vacuum tool to remove dirt from the tracks easily. You can also buy a special tool called a “track brush” to get at dirt hidden deep down in the groove. A damp cloth and a paper towel should finish the job.

4. Clean Window Glass & Frames Frequently For Best Long-term Results

Keeping your windows clean will make them look better and help them last longer. Both interior and exterior glass should be cleaned as well as interior and exterior frames. It’s ok to clean the exterior less frequently but it’s good to attend to it at least 2 or 3 times a year.

Avoid using harsh cleaning products on your new windows – it can hurt vinyl frames, for example, or even glass panes. Warm, soapy water will do. Or you can use window-safe, less harsh cleaning products.

Be sure to wipe away any excess water or residue at the edges of the glass or elsewhere on the window before finishing up. Leaving moisture on the windows could cause problems with the seals or with wood frames, for example. And be careful if you use metal scrapers on your glass – and NEVER power wash your windows!

To learn more about proper window maintenance or to order your new replacement windows (with installation services), contact Double J Siding & Windows in Amarillo, Texas, today!

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Vinyl Siding Vs. Steel Siding

By Siding

Wanting a new look for your home’s exterior? Having brand new siding installed is the most obvious way to give your home’s curb appeal a major boost and to eliminate any problems that old or damaged siding is causing your home.

Two of the best options for a home exterior makeover today are vinyl siding and steel siding. Both offer a number of benefits to the homeowner, and it’s just a matter of comparison and weighing the pros and cons for your situation.

Vinyl Siding – Today’s Most Popular Home Exterior Covering

Just take a look around you and you’ll quickly notice that vinyl siding is an extremely common home exterior option. Why is it so popular? What is its appeal?

First of all, vinyl is more affordable than most other home exterior coverings and than just about any other siding material. But it also owes its popularity to its great diversity of colors and styles. You can easily find vinyl siding that will fit in with virtually any home exterior style.

Additionally, vinyl adds insulating power to your home, lowers energy bills, is easy to install and repair, can be easily cleaned or power-washed, it won’t rot, mold, or get eaten by termites like wood siding can, and will not dent the way aluminum siding can. The best part is, it can last 20-40 years or more.

Every material, however, has some drawbacks. Vinyl can crack, especially if it is nearing the end of its useful life or if it gets hit by a bad hail storm. Vinyl can eventually fade in color, and doesn’t last as long as some other materials, including steel.

Steel Siding – A Strong, Beautiful, & Durable Choice!

Steel siding is about the opposite of vinyl in many ways. Steel siding is less common than vinyl largely because it costs more. However, its value is higher and it lasts longer. In other words, you get what you pay for.

Steel siding is like armor for your house. It doesn’t crack, ding, break, or dent easily. It isn’t likely to be much affected by hail. It is fire-resistant and wind-resistant and doesn’t fade much, if at all.

Another big plus for steel is it is not only recyclable (vinyl is too,) but it is so valuable that it is almost always going to be recycled at some point, making it much better for the environment.

There aren’t as many color options with steel siding, but it can be painted. It costs more and takes a little longer to install. But really, there aren’t many cons with steel, it’s just a matter of it requiring a bigger initial investment.

To learn more about our siding options, or for a free no-obligation quote on your very own siding installation, contact Double J Siding & Windows in Amarillo, Texas, today!


How to Choose Replacement Windows

By Windows

With winter behind us now, it’s time for Texans to start thinking about storm season. Spring in Texas means blustery weather for many, and you may need to prepare your home’s exterior to weather the storm.

Installing new house windows clearly ranks among the top improvements homeowners can make ahead of the coming inclement weather. Wind and water damage are far too great a risk with old, barely functioning windows.

Here are 5 key points to keep in mind that will help you choose replacement windows for your home.

1. Choose A Strong Frame Material

Not all windows are created equal. Some have strong, durable frames while others, well, do not. Work with a local contractor who is familiar with the best window frame materials out there so you can pick his brain for the best advice!

Vinyl can be strong, depending on the brand, and it certainly resists damage from water and from insects. It is also very low maintenance and usually quite affordable. Additionally, quality vinyl frames come in a great variety of colors, making it easy to fit them into any home’s exterior ambiance.

Wood frames are classic and give that warm, inviting look. If well-built, they can last for decades. But they may require occasional repainting or sanding.

Metal frames cost a bit more but are especially robust and durable. This is a great option for resisting storm damage to your windows in the years to come. Even hail damage is unlikely to occur with steel frames.

2. Select A Glass Type For Your Windows

Not only do you want tempered glass, and if possible, UV-blocking glass, but you also need to think about how many panes of glass each window will be built of.

Double-paned windows are standard. They consist of two sheets of window glass with air space between them. Triple-paned glass house windows increase the insulation and sound-filtering effects of multi-paned windows even more.

Finally, you may want to consider getting replacement windows filled with argon or krypton gas since this can increase the energy-efficiency level yet further.

3. Look For Low-e Glazed House Windows

While speaking of window glass, let us mention one more thing – Low-E windows.

Low-e glazing puts a super-thin layer over your window glass that helps regulate temperatures inside your home. In the summertime, Low-e coatings bounce back a lot of the sun’s heat, while in the wintertime, they still let welcome sunlight find its way in.

This is a key feature that gives you an added edge when it comes to saving money on your monthly power bill!

4. Select A Style For Your House Windows

Double-hung windows are great when you want to be able to open and easily clean the window from the inside of the house. Picture windows can have a stunning effect on your home’s curb appeal. Diamond grids can add that extra touch.

There are dozens of unique house window stylesto choose from, so take the time to examine them all. And don’t be afraid to ask a contractor about customized shapes and sizes!

5. Choose The Right Window Installation Company

Finally, you should also consider the installation of your replacement windows. It’s very convenient to hire a single company to take the old windows out and put the new ones in – plus assist you with the selection and acquisition of your new windows.

Look for a local contractor with a strong reputation and with deep experience in installing all manner of house windows.

Thinking about using part of your tax refund on new windows? Need new windows after wind or storm damage? Or just want to give your home a “facelift?” Contact Double J Siding & Windows in Amarillo, Texas, to get started on upgrading your home’s windows!

5 Home Improvement Projects Every Homeowner Should Do

By Home

As the old year fades and the new year comes to life, many Texas homeowners have already pondered what kind of projects to tackle this year.

As your home is likely your number one financial investment – and central to your day-to-day life and activities, it only makes sense to include some “home improvement” goals as we continue into 2021!

While everyone’s list will be different, we can offer here some food for thought. Here are five key home improvement resolutions to consider making for the new year.

1. Make New Windows a Home Repair Priority

There are few home improvement and repair projects that yield more and better benefits faster than do brand new windows.

Benefits of new window installation include:

  • Greatly improved home energy efficiency that will keep saving you money on your monthly electric bill for years to come!
  • More comfortable rooms with closer temperature control.
  • UV light is kept out, preventing furniture from fading before its time.
  • Stronger protection against storms and against would-be intruders.
  • Easier operation when you want to open, close, or otherwise adjust window settings.
  • Significantly improved curb appeal and better ambiance on the inside too!

If you are looking for a resolution that makes sense when it comes to home repair, new windows surely have to be at the top of the list.

2. Replace That Old Siding & Roofing

Your home exterior’s aesthetics, or “curb appeal,” is obviously determined largely by two things – your siding (or other exterior wall covering) and your roofing. New vinyl or steel siding on your home will immediately make your house look its very best.

After a certain number of years, vinyl siding fades and becomes brittle. You may even have holes or cracks in it from the last major hail storm.But newer, tougher-grade vinyl siding will stand up to the weather. And steel is going to last for many decades without any need of replacement.

3. Save As Much As Possible on All Upgrades

Another home repair solution that everyone will agree with is to find ways to save as much as possible on all home improvements, not only in 2021, but every year.

First of all, take a look at this list ofhome improvement DOs and DONTs. By simply planning and approaching things the right way, you will automatically save money. Also, compare quotes on any job you want done by a professional contractor.

Finally, learn more about how some home repair expenses can be tax-deductible or covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

4. Be Ready For the Upcoming Texas Storm Season

Another improvement you might want to make this year is to install new storm doors, strengthen your home’s foundation, and have the roof strategically “clipped” to the rest of the house (as they do for hurricanes further south) to prepare forTexas tornado season.

Being ready for storm season can also include simple things cleaning out the gutters/downspouts (or replacing them) and ensuring your lot drains properly.

5. Always Use the Most Reliable Local Contractors

Finally, it only makes sense to resolve to use only the best, local contractors for any and all home repair and upgrade moves you make.

Check out prospective contractors’ past work, listen to reviews by past customers, and verify ratings with the BBB or other organizations. A job worth doing is worth having done right!

Contact Double J Siding & Windows in Amarillo, TX, in the heart of the North Texas Panhandle to learn more or for a free consultation and a free, no-obligation quote!

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