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How to Choose Replacement Windows


With winter behind us now, it’s time for Texans to start thinking about storm season. Spring in Texas means blustery weather for many, and you may need to prepare your home’s exterior to weather the storm.

Installing new house windows clearly ranks among the top improvements homeowners can make ahead of the coming inclement weather. Wind and water damage are far too great a risk with old, barely functioning windows.

Here are 5 key points to keep in mind that will help you choose replacement windows for your home.

1. Choose A Strong Frame Material

Not all windows are created equal. Some have strong, durable frames while others, well, do not. Work with a local contractor who is familiar with the best window frame materials out there so you can pick his brain for the best advice!

Vinyl can be strong, depending on the brand, and it certainly resists damage from water and from insects. It is also very low maintenance and usually quite affordable. Additionally, quality vinyl frames come in a great variety of colors, making it easy to fit them into any home’s exterior ambiance.

Wood frames are classic and give that warm, inviting look. If well-built, they can last for decades. But they may require occasional repainting or sanding.

Metal frames cost a bit more but are especially robust and durable. This is a great option for resisting storm damage to your windows in the years to come. Even hail damage is unlikely to occur with steel frames.

2. Select A Glass Type For Your Windows

Not only do you want tempered glass, and if possible, UV-blocking glass, but you also need to think about how many panes of glass each window will be built of.

Double-paned windows are standard. They consist of two sheets of window glass with air space between them. Triple-paned glass house windows increase the insulation and sound-filtering effects of multi-paned windows even more.

Finally, you may want to consider getting replacement windows filled with argon or krypton gas since this can increase the energy-efficiency level yet further.

3. Look For Low-e Glazed House Windows

While speaking of window glass, let us mention one more thing – Low-E windows.

Low-e glazing puts a super-thin layer over your window glass that helps regulate temperatures inside your home. In the summertime, Low-e coatings bounce back a lot of the sun’s heat, while in the wintertime, they still let welcome sunlight find its way in.

This is a key feature that gives you an added edge when it comes to saving money on your monthly power bill!

4. Select A Style For Your House Windows

Double-hung windows are great when you want to be able to open and easily clean the window from the inside of the house. Picture windows can have a stunning effect on your home’s curb appeal. Diamond grids can add that extra touch.

There are dozens of unique house window stylesto choose from, so take the time to examine them all. And don’t be afraid to ask a contractor about customized shapes and sizes!

5. Choose The Right Window Installation Company

Finally, you should also consider the installation of your replacement windows. It’s very convenient to hire a single company to take the old windows out and put the new ones in – plus assist you with the selection and acquisition of your new windows.

Look for a local contractor with a strong reputation and with deep experience in installing all manner of house windows.

Thinking about using part of your tax refund on new windows? Need new windows after wind or storm damage? Or just want to give your home a “facelift?” Contact Double J Siding & Windows in Amarillo, Texas, to get started on upgrading your home’s windows!

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