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March 2021

5 Home Improvement Projects Every Homeowner Should Do

By Home

As the old year fades and the new year comes to life, many Texas homeowners have already pondered what kind of projects to tackle this year.

As your home is likely your number one financial investment – and central to your day-to-day life and activities, it only makes sense to include some “home improvement” goals as we continue into 2021!

While everyone’s list will be different, we can offer here some food for thought. Here are five key home improvement resolutions to consider making for the new year.

1. Make New Windows a Home Repair Priority

There are few home improvement and repair projects that yield more and better benefits faster than do brand new windows.

Benefits of new window installation include:

  • Greatly improved home energy efficiency that will keep saving you money on your monthly electric bill for years to come!
  • More comfortable rooms with closer temperature control.
  • UV light is kept out, preventing furniture from fading before its time.
  • Stronger protection against storms and against would-be intruders.
  • Easier operation when you want to open, close, or otherwise adjust window settings.
  • Significantly improved curb appeal and better ambiance on the inside too!

If you are looking for a resolution that makes sense when it comes to home repair, new windows surely have to be at the top of the list.

2. Replace That Old Siding & Roofing

Your home exterior’s aesthetics, or “curb appeal,” is obviously determined largely by two things – your siding (or other exterior wall covering) and your roofing. New vinyl or steel siding on your home will immediately make your house look its very best.

After a certain number of years, vinyl siding fades and becomes brittle. You may even have holes or cracks in it from the last major hail storm.But newer, tougher-grade vinyl siding will stand up to the weather. And steel is going to last for many decades without any need of replacement.

3. Save As Much As Possible on All Upgrades

Another home repair solution that everyone will agree with is to find ways to save as much as possible on all home improvements, not only in 2021, but every year.

First of all, take a look at this list ofhome improvement DOs and DONTs. By simply planning and approaching things the right way, you will automatically save money. Also, compare quotes on any job you want done by a professional contractor.

Finally, learn more about how some home repair expenses can be tax-deductible or covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

4. Be Ready For the Upcoming Texas Storm Season

Another improvement you might want to make this year is to install new storm doors, strengthen your home’s foundation, and have the roof strategically “clipped” to the rest of the house (as they do for hurricanes further south) to prepare forTexas tornado season.

Being ready for storm season can also include simple things cleaning out the gutters/downspouts (or replacing them) and ensuring your lot drains properly.

5. Always Use the Most Reliable Local Contractors

Finally, it only makes sense to resolve to use only the best, local contractors for any and all home repair and upgrade moves you make.

Check out prospective contractors’ past work, listen to reviews by past customers, and verify ratings with the BBB or other organizations. A job worth doing is worth having done right!

Contact Double J Siding & Windows in Amarillo, TX, in the heart of the North Texas Panhandle to learn more or for a free consultation and a free, no-obligation quote!

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