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Will your windows last through the winter?

By January 1, 2020January 10th, 2020No Comments
winter replacement window

Winterproofing your old windows and doors – and your whole home, maybe the immediate action you need to take. But on the other hand, winter can be a great time to order new replacement windows and doors, and you need to think more long term about the future of your home’s energy efficiency and decor. Why not start the new year right with brand new replacement windows and/or doors that look great, work perfect, and last for decades to come?

But before you get started, you first need to exercise a little pre-planning and practical preparation – here are 5 key steps to follow:

Investigate Current Window Condition

The first step is to take account of the current condition of your windows and doors. Are there any air leaks? Are the frames warped or rotting out? What about energy efficiency – do you have products with the Energy Star mark of approval?

Once you conclude that your windows are outdated or in poor condition and need to be replaced, the next step is to start catching a vision and formulating a plan.

Get Creative With Replacement Windows / Doors

You may want to get your creative juices flowing and think outside the box – something beyond just a straight-forward switch-out. Perhaps, you may want to put a bay window in where a picture window is now to let in maximum light.

Or, you may want to install a crank-out window in place of a double-hung window since both are usually the same size. Sliding windows/doors, modernistic “geometric” windows, automated screens, built-in blinds, classic shutters, customized windows shapes and sizes, and custom-built entry and storm doors are all among the many possibilities!

Take Time To Budget For Your Project

To many, crunching some numbers and budgeting for upcoming windows and door replacement projects can be as fun as taking measurements and envisioning a new ambiance. But even if math “is not your thing,” it’s a necessary step.

Make out several possible plans and get some quotes on the necessary products and services. Compare quotes and make adjustments until you find the perfect way to combine affordability with a result you will be totally satisfied with.

Choose A Reputable, Local Contractor

The next step is to decide on which contractor you will hire to take out your old windows/doors and install the replacements. Check out examples of contractors’ past work, read reviews by real past customers, do some research online, and find out who is favored by the BBB.

There is a lot more to consider than just comparing quotes when choosing an installation company – so don’t neglect to “do your homework!”

Schedule & Prep The Work Area

Before replacement windows or a new door can be placed, the work area will need to be cleared of furniture, curtains, blinds, pictures (that might fall due to vibrations nearby), and any household clutter.

Also, order as early as possible if you are getting custom-built windows – but note that wait times are usually much shorter during the winter months. Planning and scheduling ahead will make the project go quicker and smoother on installation day.

For more information on getting ready for new replacement windows or new doors or a free no-obligation quote, contact the experts at Double J Siding & Windows in Amarillo, TX, today!


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