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7 Ways to Winter Proof Your Doors & Windows.

windows for winter

As the cold season deepens, the need for well insulated – and at the same time fully functional, house windows and doors becomes more and more obvious.
If you have old, outdated windows/doors that may be in poor condition, replacement may be the wisest option. But in many other instances, you simply need to get organized and implement some winterizing strategies on your current windows and doors.
Here are 7 ways to winter-proof your windows and doors this winter so you can stay warm and keep energy efficiency high at the same time!

1. Install Weatherstripping & Sweeps

Maybe you’ve noticed some drafts, or perhaps, you’ve discovered a problem with your house windows and doors after a professional energy audit. One of the first things to do to correct the problem and start saving money is to install weatherstripping on all of your doors.
You should also install a wood sweep on your most frequently used doors – ones that can be painted to match the door’s style and color.

2. Use Foam Insulation

If your door or window is slightly warped or imperfect, you can cover up the look and block drafts by putting on sticky-back foam insulation tape.
You simply cut the foam to size and press it on in the relevant areas. You can choose between softer and more rigid forms of foam. Be sure the product can be customized to fit the dimensions of your doors and windows.

3. Touch Up Exterior Caulking

In many cases, exterior beads of caulk around windows crack or shrink over the years, which allows drafts and/or leaks. Get a matching color and a caulking gun and go to work! You only need to recaulk areas where the bead has been damaged or is badly stained.

4. Use A “Door Snake”

Instead of having to use a towel or your clothes to block the bottom of doors for rooms you are heating this winter, why not buy a helpful little “door snake” to do the job? This weighted fabric tube is perfect for keeping cold air out and heated air in!

5. Invest In “Thermal Curtains”

Heavy, dark-colored curtains made of fabric with a high heat-absorption rate are called “thermal curtains.” For the winter at least, you can change out the curtains to thermal ones. You can open the curtains during the sunniest part of the day and close them the rest of the time for the most efficient overall effect.

6. Apply Window Film

If you have single-paned glass windows or if you have window air leaks, the immediate solution might be to apply interior window film. This may not be a permanent way to winterize your home, but it will do until you can fix the air leaks or replace the windows.

7. Have New Windows / Doors Installed

It may be time to winterize by purchasing new house windows and/or doors before it gets too cold. Especially if none of the other strategies are working – but even just to modernize and upgrade at the same time as winterproofing, calling an installation expert may be the best course to take.
For more helpful advice on winterproofing your home this cold season or to get a free, no-obligation quote on new house windows and doors, contact Double J Siding & Windows in Amarillo, Texas, today!

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